Guided Notes


Part 1 (Doc. 63-68):

Part 2 (Doc. 72-74):





Review Materials


1850 to 1900 Presentations

  • New Technologies and the World Economy
  • Social Changes - Migrations, Urbanism and Women
  • Marx, Socialism and Labor Movements
  • Nationalism - the rise of Italy and Germany
  • Nationalism - Europe vs. Japan, Social Darwinism
  • The Great Powers of Europe - liberal vs. conservative
  • China, Japan and the Western Powers (inc. Taiping Rebellion)

  • Design and present a 20 minute lesson.
    • Must have an activity/worksheet/handout.
    • Must involve analysis of at least one primary document (not in our textbook).
    • Must state objectives (“When we are done, you will know...”)
    • Should draw on and reference outside sources.
    • Can involve slides/technology (not required).
    • Presented on Wednesday and Thursday.
First Step:
  • Read your sub-section.
    • List (about) five words/ideas you must know in order to understand the topic.
    • Ask yourself, the following:
      • "What’s important to know about these words/ideas?"
      • "Why do I need to know them?"
      • "How do they connect to other ideas we've learned before?”
    • The answer is your purpose for teaching.